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Group Stay Plan has now been released!

We are pleased to announce that we have newly made a group room that can accommodate from 6 to 10 guests and will be able to book this room as a "Group Stay Plan" from February 20 (Sun). This plan is perfect for guests who want to have fun with their friends on a low budget, such as for club activities, circle camps, or graduation trips.

This room had been sold as a dormitory room before the Covid-19 disaster, but from the perspective of infection prevention, we had temporarily suspended sales for a while. This time, in addition to taking the utmost measures to prevent infection, the room has been newly equipped with facilities and amenities, and has made a fresh start as a "group room" to meet the needs of large groups of guests staying together. We also has a spacious lounge space "THE HOPPERS" on the first floor, a table tennis room, a theater room, and many other activities for you to enjoy with your friends.

【Group Stay Plan】

■ Plan name: Group Stay Plan

■ Number of sales: Limited to one room per day

■ On-sale date: February 20, 2022 (Sunday)

■ Room type: Group room 30㎡ (5 bunk beds)

■ Capacity: 6 to 10 guests

■ Price: 18,000 yen~ (3,000 yen~ per person)

■ How to book: Official website, various online travel agency (Rakuten Travel,

■ Inquiries: 092-292-8376 or

We are looking forward your reservations!

montan HAKATA


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